Acacia Care Home, Shanklin, Isle of Wight
Elderly lady with nurse Back garden Acacia Care Home sign Lounge
Ms Julie Coombs
Acacia Care Home
1 Arthurs Hill
Isle of Wight
PO37 6EW

tel: 01983 863845
fax: 01983 863845

General information


Residents may attend religious services either within or outside the home.  The resident should, if necessary and where possible, arrange transport and accompaniment with friends or relatives.  In the event of this not being possible, care staff may accompany residents on specific occasions if staffing levels permit.

Residents have the right to meet clergy of their chosen denomination at any time.

Contact with family and friends

Residents' family, relatives and friends are encouraged to visit residents regularly and maintain contact by letter, telephone or email when visiting is not possible.  In these cases, staff will offer to assist the resident to respond where help may be needed.

Visitors will be welcome at any reasonable times are are asked to sign the visitors' book on their arrival and departure.  This is for security and fire safety reasons.

The resident has the right to refuse to see any visitor and this right will be respected and upheld by the person in charge who will, if necessary, inform the visitors of the resident's wishes.


In the unfortunate event of bereavement, the family can expect every possible support and consolation from staff.

Whereas funeral arrangements are usually made by the next of kin, the home staff can be relied upon to assist and explain what is required.  Where there is no next of kin, the staff will attend to the necessary arrangements.


The policy on activities takes into account the resident's interests, skills, experiences, personality and medical condition.  The home offers a range of activities designed to help the client to keep mobile and most importantly take an interest in life.

All social sctivities are displayed on the notice board, detailing the date, time and the relevant activity.

Acacia's social calendar revolves around various activities eg quizzes, sherry mornings, slide shows, musical entertainment and summer outings.  Activities organised at Acacia arte discussed at resident's meetings and then implemented at the residents' request.

Individual hobbies are discussed with them and suitable arrangements made, if possible.

Monitoring and quality

Within the home, there are various systems that ensure that close monitoring is maintained on all of the home's services and procedures.  Attention to the smallest detail is pivotal to everything that we do.

An important part of the quality program is to involve the residents and their relatives.  We regularly ask for comments on the home, the staff and services we provide.


Wherever possible, the keeping of pets will be encouraged on the basis of their beneficial and positive influence on Service Users lives. We also have regular visits from the (well behaved) pets of Service Users and relatives.


If a resident wants to be responsible for their own medication and it is safe to do so, then all help and advice is given.  Otherwise all drugs will be managed by the staff and dispensed and ordered for them under the instructions of the doctor.  Any resident may request to see a doctor in private if they wish.